30milliAmpere is a rock band based in Athens - Greece.

For those wondering what the name means, it is the critical electrical current value (0.03A) that, if exceeded on human body, life ceases to exist.

30milliAmpere compose music, influenced by classical rock, Jack White's ideas, Stoner rock, Funkadelic's wild funk, Gary Clark Jr's blues-rock and many more.

In 2013, they recorded a demo with 3 tracks, while in 2015 they entered the studio to record their first album (titled "Gun In My Head"), which was released in June 2016, receiving excellent reviews. They have appeared in several festivals and music scenes in Athens. 

Their second album is expected to be released soon. 


In May 2018, the single "Loud" was released, in October 2018 the single "The War" and in April 2020 the single "Alice", all released digitally. All three songs will be on their second album. 

Members of 30milliAmpere:

George Vogiatzakis – Guitars

Yannis Pikos – Drums

Nick Kandylas – Bass

Kostas Mavroudis - Vocals